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Generate top quality leads for your websites from the promotional and advertising campaigns created within Bambar Media. Your ads will have widespread reach as they are served in our enormous publisher network. Create your ads in text, banner, text+image formats and control the target audience of your ads by configuring keywords, category, display device, OS, browser and geographical filters. Our highly cost effective advertising solution ensures that you are paying only for genuine visitors to your web sites.


World Wide traffic Coverage

With 14B+ monthly impressions, we are one of the leading platform for user acquisition and performance marketing. We help businesses drive sales and grow awareness, across industries.


Keyword Targeting

Build a list of keywords relevant to your campaign and our system will ensure your ads only appear on sites containing those keywords.

Geo Targeting

Our geotargeting features allow you reach people by country.

Category Targeting

Filter your target websites by selecting categories and there by increase your ROI.

Device Targeting

Target your ads to desktop devices and/or mobile devices(android,ios,windows).

OS Targeting

Target your ads to specific operating systems.

Browser Targeting

Target your ads to specific browsers.

Language Targeting

Choose the language of the sites your want your campaign to be displayed on.

Re Targeting

Reach people who have already visited your site to get them to convert.
Retargeting available only on CPC and CPA Ads.

City Targeting

Improve your geographic target precision level by specifying target cities.

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