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Advertisers FAQ

How to advertise?!

In order to start Advertising campaign you need to Signup Here as an advertiser.

Minimum budget

In order to create your ad campaign you will need to fill up your advertising account with a budget of 100$.

How to create a campaign?!

As now you have filled up budget to your advertising account let us show how you can create your first advertising campaign:
1- From left menu click on ADS > Create Ad

2- Select The Pricing Model CPM / CPC or CPV

3- Select the advertising type you want to promote your business

4- Now set a name to your campaign  The click url you want to promote  select you banner size and than attach the image and click on Next

5-  Allow in VAST Player, if you want to get traffic from video ads also.

6-  Targeting by country, if you want to target your campaign by country you will have to select a country and click on Save Targeted Locations and than click on Next.

7- Keyword Targeting, for contextual targeting. If you want to target by keyword select the keyword you want to target and click on Add Keyword and than click next

8- Targeting by Category. If you want to get specified site types you want to promote your business select the category and only to sites on that category will load the ads.

9- Device Targeting. Allow you to target the specified device type.

10- Language targeting. You can target the language, it will load on browsers that are used on that language and sites that are using the selected language.

11 – Price bid. CPM Rate * always is recommended to be made a bid that is given there in order to reach more visitors. The higher the bid is kept the more you get result.
12- As you are finished creating your campaign allow us some time to review your ad and check if we should approve or reject it. 

Reports don't show

The stats or so called reports are updated hourly.

Time zone

Our Platform uses time zone of GMT+1 ( Skopje / Berlin ) time zone.

Why my Ad got rejected?!

Most likely your ad is not complied by our policy, either you have tried to create an ad campaign that contains: Adult related content, Weapon related content, Hacking / Cheating, Alcohol, Gambling.
If you did not try to advertise any of this ad types your ad should be approved.

Ad types to promote

You can promote your products by selecting one of this ad types:
1- Text Ads
2- Display / Banner
3- Contextual / Native
4- Video in Banner or in Video ads
5- Popudner / ClickUnder ads
6- Interstitial ads.

Advertising Models.

You can promote your advertising campaign by selecting any of the following pricing model:

Starting prices

Advertising starts with following prices:
CPM = 0.2$
CPC = 0.03$
CPV = 0.35$
This pricing goes even for RTB partners.

Publishers FAQ

How much costs to join ?

To join as a publisher at our network is totally free.

Why my domain got rejected?

Most likely you are serving Adult or none legal content.

How long does it take before a domain is approved?

During working hours, it will take less than one hour for each domain to be approved. Outside working hours, on weekends or during holidays it may take up to 24 hours.

When i get paid?

Our payment terms: Get paid on request, you earn minimum amount and make a request to get paid.

Minimum Payout?

Our minimum payout is 50$.

How many ads can I place on one webpage?

We allow maximum 8 Codes to be used on the same page.

My ad codes not working

Most likely you have used the same code in more than 1 time, for every zone you have to create separate ad code.

Are adult websites accepted?

Adult content sites are totally forbidden on our network.

I don't see my revenue !!

Our stats / reports are updated hourly and our day closer is based on GMT+1 Time zone.

You can not find your questions here?!