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Before contacting our team please makes sure to check first our FAQ. If you can not find your question down you can than contact our team for help / assistance.

Advertisers FAQ

The price is dynamic since the bids are controlled by the market. We use a bidding system where you can choose how much to pay per visitor. You also have full control over your costs. We’ve introduced a minimum cost which is currently $0.1$ starting CPM.

If you want cheaper traffic you can contact us before creating your campaign. Our support team will inform you about current traffic that is lower than $0.10 CPM.

Bambar Media uses own and 3rd party protection systems for verifying the quality of each visitor. A campaign will receive traffic only after visitors have passed the antifraud filters.

Our traffic is verified by our team and comes directly from our publishers.

  • CPM (cost per mille) – pay for 1000 impressions of your ad.

After registration your personal account manager will help you to choose GEO and launch your first ad campaign.

In case you are not pleased with the results of the test, you can request a refund of your remaining balance via support chat on our site (please, make sure you are logged in). But keep in mind that 50$ might not be enough to make a conclusion. You can find useful optimization tips for your campaigns in our social network pages

  • Paxum ( Requst manually )
  • Capitalist ( Requst manually )
  • Payoneer ( Requst manually )
  • Bank card  ( we do not support any more)
  • Wire Transfer (EUR/USD)
  • PayPal

Yes, in most cases. Contact us and we will find the best way to accommodate your request.


We have strict rules over the content of campaigns submitted in Bambar Media. For any campaign that has content in any of the below categories, we reserve the right to block your account and issue no refunds.

  • APK/EXE automatic download without a delay of at least 10 seconds and a proper landing page
  • Malware/phishing campaigns
  • Technical support, fake support or related
  • Fake, aggressive or misleading ads (fake flash player, fake antivirus, etc.)
  • Sneaky redirects and cloaking
  • Landing pages without content or not working
  • Violent, hate (based on race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or gender identity)
  • Adult
  • Gambling
  • Weapon promotion or Aggressions.
  • Alcohol Promotion
  • Incest, necrophilia, pedophilia, zoophilia, bestiality and more

During working hours, Campaign approval will take less than one hour. Outside working hours, on weekends or during holidays it may take up to 12 hours. Each campaign will be manually verified to avoid mistakes or promotion of forbidden content.


Advertisers are responsible for understanding the products and any charges incurred by an ad after confirming order and checking out. In addition, advertisers are responsible for understanding our products, policies, and services in addition to managing their own accounts. Bambar Media is not required to refund requests due to mismanagement on the part of the advertiser.

Please contact Support through our Contact Us page if you do not find answers to your questions in our searchable FAQs.

In case you can not find your question here, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Publishers FAQ

You have full control over your earnings!

The traffic sent from your website(s) is fully dynamic and depends on more than 10 factors, such as the country where the traffic comes from, the volumes amounts etc. as well as our current supply and demand. You can check your stats in the reports section.

An additional income is also available through our referral system. Promote Mondiad using a referral link and earn 5% (up to 1000 dollars) from each referred publisher’s revenue or advertiser spent.

Yes, our code does not interfere with other ads that you are currently using, however, we suggest having no more than 3 ads at the same time. The quality of the traffic sent to ad networks decreases with the number of ads added to the website.

Yes, we offer a 100% fill rate for all traffic sent to us worldwide and for all operating systems. We display the ads and count only unique visitors to your website.

After you submit your website, set up your ad zones and ad display parameters, then copy the Bambar Media code and paste it into the head of your website.


Yes. The minimum earnings to be processed is $30.00. If your account balance has not reached the minimum payout balance, your balance will carry forward until the next pay cycle when the minimum payout balance is reached. If you have reached the minimum payout $30.00 you can make request to be paid.

For flat rate/site ads, you have up to 7 days 3 days. After 7 days 3 days, Bambar Media may or may not review pending ads and act on your behalf based on your “Ad Content” filter preferences and past approval behavior.

In the event for any reason if you find an ad unacceptable that we may have approved feel free to open a ticket with the add ID number listed in the upper left of each ad (#6?????) and ask that the ad be stopped. Whatever budget that has not been used will be taken out of your account balance and refunded to the advertiser and the ad will no longer be shown on your ad zones.

On average, payments usually take about 24-48 hours after the request was placed, however, during weekends and holidays you may see a longer delay.

For each payment, our fraud investigation team must verify the quality of the traffic sent to us before the payment will be sent.

Our Support Team is happy to advise you about the average eCPM for your website, but please remember that eCPM is dynamic and provided only for guidance, also you can check these details from the reports page.

A Referral link is a link that you share anywhere, and we will give you 5 % up to 1000 dollars revshare from each advertiser spent or publisher revenue.

If you have more questions or you need help fee free to contact us using contact form.